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19 Aug

< Decibel Outdoor

19 augustus t/m 21 augustus 2022

van 13:00 tot 12:00

Decibel Outdoor 2022
Festival (outdoor)
10 muziek stages
50.000 bezoekers (per dag)
Minimale leeftijd = 23
Geen dresscode politieke of nationalistische boodschappen

What seemed to be the chance of a lifetime, to reunite again after almost two years, turns out to be impossible. We have fought until the end and did everything in our power to make it happen. LIVE LOUD or DIE TRYING has more meaning than ever. But even though we proved the safety of large-scale outdoor events together with Fieldlab, the government is anticipating the current situation of the pandemic and leaves us empty handed. No multi-day festivals with campsite will be allowed until September 1st. This means that there is no other option than to postpone Decibel outdoor to August 19, 20 and 21st 2022.

We understand this news comes in hard and unexpected. We were on the verge of our build-up, this week the first materials were supposed to arrive at the festival site. These past few days we have examined every possible scenario in detail, together with our extensive team of experts and the authorities. The conclusion is straight forward: there is no way to offer another worthy alternative, such as skipping the campsite or converting to one or more separate days. No permit will be granted for this.

Although we knew there was always a margin of uncertainty, we deeply regret the fact that the authorities made this decision just one month before the start of the festival. As many of you will understand, it takes an army and months of preparations to create the Decibel outdoor experience as you know and expect. We have worked around the clock to prepare ourselves for this edition. We are completely overwhelmed and devastated by the outcome of today.

Even though we need some time to process this, we are more than ready to return to the Loudest City In 2022. On August 19, 20 and 21 we will come back bigger, better and LOUDER than ever!

We want to thank everyone, our fans, crew, suppliers and artists, for their massive support, enthusiasm, perseverance and confidence the past few months. Our team, who moved heaven and earth to make the impossible possible. We pushed it to the limits!

Tickets and travel packages will be valid for Decibel outdoor 2022. Other options will be provided via e-mail within two weeks. Tickets are almost sold out, so we hope you stay with us and support us for another year.
Keep your head up, and make it f*cking LOUD!


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Prijs v.a. €59,90
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Follow the Beat & Decibel Outdoor

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