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27 Oct

< Thunderdome

27 oktober 2019

van 00:00 tot 08:00 Al geweest

Festival (indoor)
6 muziek stages
40.000 bezoekers (per dag)
Minimale leeftijd = 18
Access One, Akira, Andy The Core, Angerfist, Angernoizer, Art of Fighters, Bass-D, Billx, Catscan, Chaotic Hostility, Cryogenic, Crypton, D-Fence, DJ Buzz Fuzz …
Geen dresscode

Thunderdome is back in Jaarbeurs Utrecht on October 26th 2019 ??

On October 26, Thunderdome returns to Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. In 2017, the legendary Hardcore-concept made a huge comeback after an absence of five years. The event sold out in the pre-registration phase and welcomed over 40.000 ravers from 54 different nations.

Ever since its first edition in the nineties, the concept grew out to become the number one Hardcore-brand in the world. Who thinks about Hardcore, thinks about Thunderdome.

This edition is dedicated to the ‘gabber’. They are the ones that made Thunderdome legendary in all these years: “Together we are hardcore!”.

Hardcore has been one of the strongest youth/music-cultures in the Netherlands for the last 30 years and crossed the borders to other nations as well. It’s both hated and loved by the public. The subculture took on several forms and created different subgenres in the last three decades. From Classics to Industrial, Frenchcore to Uptempo and Terror to Early. All these subgenres host a stage in Jaarbeurs in Utrecht and therefore this venue  will become the Holy Grounds of Hardcore. Thunderdome is back!


Angerfist vs. Miss K8 | Sefa | Partyraiser vs. Dr. Peacock | Evil Activities | Nosferatu vs. Never Surrender | Mad Dog | Drokz | N-Vitral | Access One | Dither live | Tha Playah live | MC Da Mouth Of Madness

Paul Elstak | Korsakoff vs. Catscan | Unexist | Endymion | Re-Style | The Viper | Ophidian | The DJ Producer | Art Of Fighters live | Promo presents Last Man Standing live | Neophyte live | MC Ruffian

Deadly Guns | Andy The Core | DRS vs. Angernoizer | Spitnoise | Vandal!sm vs. System Overload | Sjammienators | F.Noize | Cryogenic | Hard Effectz | D-Fence live | Chaotic Hostility live | MC RG

The Outside Agency | Billx | The Sickest Squad | Negatie A | I:Gor | Dolphin | Thrasher | Crypton | The Satan | Nick Moody | MC Dart

Drokz | Akira | Noisekick | SRB | The Vizitor | Dr. Terror | Tripped | Striker | Dissoactive | Paranoizer | MC Mike Redman

The Prophet | Dano vs. Buzz Fuzz vs. Gizmo | Weirdo | Marc Acardipane a.k.a. PCP | Delirium | The Darkraver | Bass-D | Lady Dana | Panic | MC Alee

⚠ Thunderdome 2019 is completely sold out!

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Follow the Beat & Thunderdome

In de festival agenda van Follow the Beat vind je alle Nederlandse muziekevenementen, waaronder Thunderdome. Dat op 27 oktober 2019 in Jaarbeurs te Utrecht gehouden wordt. We hebben alle festival informatie, aftermovie(s), line-up, tickets en het laatste festival nieuws voor je op een rijtje gezet. Zo kies je snel en gemakkelijk jouw volgende feestje uit.

Toch nog niet het juiste festival gevonden!? Bekijk dan onze festival kalender voor een compleet en duidelijk overzicht van alle festivals in Nederland. Of zoek specifiek op jouw meest favoriete muziekgenre, festival maand, party stad of op de meest populaire artiesten. Oh, en vergeet niet onze Facebook en Instagram pagina’s te volgen!