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10 Apr

< SOTU Festival

10 april t/m 16 april 2018

van 22:00 tot 01:00 Al geweest

SOTU Festival
Festival (indoor)
Appophalation, Arvind Ganga & Leo Svirsky, Black Sand, Bobryk, Dead Neanderthals, Delf64.0, Diarrhael Blast, Dirar Kalash, Dj gingermoon, DolKaMar, Erik Ruin, Geluidsdrugs, Godverdegodver, Heidi Hoersturtz …

SOTU Festival is returning in 2018 in the week of April 10th-15th, going deeper into the underground! 

SOTU Festival 2018, returns this April, and we are very proud to reveal the first line up announcement, taking place around the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, with a very special opening concert on Wednesday 11th June in Occii, featuring Erik Ruin performing his project Long/Gone, an ongoing papercutting and carving mythic landscapes with a live soundtrack by Dead Neanthertals. SOTU will release and present a tape compilation and zine for the festival, with this years theme Mastrubation!

Line up so far:- Occii & Vondelbunker & Butcher's Tears
Appophalation / PGR / Venta Protosix / VMO / Vampillia / Black Sand / Lourdes / Hoempa Trash / I.R.K. / Geluidsdrugs / Venderstrooik / Arma Agartha / Urban Grey / L'atlier D'eveil Musical Du Centre Social Raymond Poulidor / Erik Ruin + Dead Neanderthals / Mecanica / VVRNGDNG / Heidi Hoersturtz / Tape Jockey / Delf64.0 / Dj gingermoon / Cyclikweetos / Lova taraxx / Logosamphia / DolKaMar / Kinder Meccano / Innassaah / Misha Feigin & Lukas Simonis / Dirar Kalash / Arvind Ganga & Leo Svirsky / Diarrhael Blast / Godverdegodver

Line-up so far:- Zaal100 & De Ruimte
Odal / Lik de Kikker / Bobryk / Pavel Mikhaylov / Shoko Nagamachi / Poni / Panenkov / Laura Agnusdei

Passepartout tickets á 15 euro available via:- http://occii.org/events/sotu-f...

10 April - Radio Patapoe
11 April - Occii
12 April - Zaal 100
13 April - Occii & Vondelbunker
14 April - Occii & Butcher's Tears
15 April - Occii & Cafe de Ruimte (14:00-17:00)


OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134 
Vondelbunker, Vondelpark 5 
Butcher’s Tears, Karperweg 45 
Zaal 100, De Wittenstraat 100
Café De Ruimte, Distelweg 83
Radio Patapoe PuntNL Amsterdam
Galerie Lambiek, Koningsstraat 27


  • Appophalation
  • Arvind Ganga & Leo Svirsky
  • Black Sand
  • Bobryk
  • cyclikweetos
  • Dead Neanderthals
  • Delf64.0
  • Diarrhael Blast
  • Dirar Kalash
  • Dj gingermoon

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Prijs v.a. €15,50
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FTB & SOTU Festival

Op Follow the Beat vind je muziekevenementen zoals SOTU Festival. Dat op 10 april 2018 in OCCII te Amsterdam gehouden wordt. Klik hier voor een compleet en duidelijk overzicht van alle muziekevenementen in Nederland. Oh, en vergeet ons niet te volgen op Facebook en Instagram!