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31 Dec

< Meet Me Backstage NYE

31 december 2019

van 23:00 tot 08:00 Al geweest

Meet Me Backstage NYE
Festival (indoor)
Minimale leeftijd = 18
ANOTR, Chris Stussy, Joey Daniel, Karim Soliman, Loco Dice, Makossa, Marco Carola, Prunk, Relativ, wAFF …
Geen dresscode

MEET ME B̶A̶C̶K̶S̶T̶A̶G̶E̶ invites Marco Carola and Loco Dice on December 31st.

??????? & ????: https://mmbnye.com/
??? ????? ????????: [email protected]

After last year’s sold out edition, we are back! #MMB, the brand-new worldwide concept, will have its second edition at the massive rave venue the Onderzeebootloods in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) on December 31st.

Welcome to our journey. Welcome to our party. Come, and meet me backstage. This New Year’s Eve, we’ll dance into 2020 with the sun down and sound up. 

???? Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Joey Daniel, Prunk & Chris Stussy, wAFF, ANOTR, Karim Soliman, Makossa, RELATIV & the biggest headliner of all: you!

?????? The Onderzeebootloods in Rotterdam with all its raw and rustic never ending energy. 

????? 31.12.19. Doors open at 10 PM and we rave until 7 AM.

Within these walls
We surrender to the music

The only power we know here
Is of the beat and the bass

The darkness is our light
The dancefloor is our tribe 

From cradle to coffin
Music is our master 

And to our master we adhere.
Will you come play with us?

MEET ME B̶A̶C̶K̶S̶T̶A̶G̶E̶ creates an intimate and familiar vibe and massive venues will be turned into a club vibe. Expect a top-notch production, amazing visuals and an internationally renowned line-up from 22.00 PM - 07.00 AM. 

??????? ???????????
EVENT: MMB NYE invites Marco Carola and Loco Dice
DATE: Tuesday December 31st, 2019
Times: 22.00 PM – 07.00 AM
Location: Onderzeebootloods, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Minimum Age: 18+

?????? ??????
€59 Early Bird Ticket (limited)
€69 Regular Ticket 
€79 Late Bird Ticket 
€110 Backstage VIP Ticket

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Prijs v.a. €64,40
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Follow the Beat & Meet Me Backstage NYE

In de festival agenda van Follow the Beat vind je alle Nederlandse muziekevenementen, waaronder Meet Me Backstage NYE. Dat op 31 december 2019 in Onderzeebootloods te Rotterdam gehouden wordt. We hebben alle festival informatie, aftermovie(s), line-up, tickets en het laatste festival nieuws voor je op een rijtje gezet. Zo kies je snel en gemakkelijk jouw volgende feestje uit.

Toch nog niet het juiste festival gevonden!? Bekijk dan onze festival kalender voor een compleet en duidelijk overzicht van alle festivals in Nederland. Of zoek specifiek op jouw meest favoriete muziekgenre, festival maand, party stad of op de meest populaire artiesten. Oh, en vergeet niet onze Facebook en Instagram pagina’s te volgen!