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22 Jun

< Loft in Space

22 juni t/m 24 juni 2018

van 22:00 tot 08:00 Al geweest

Loft in Space
Festival (in- & outdoor)
Minimale leeftijd = 18
Américo Brito, Arp Frique, Black Dynamite, Bonnefooi, Duke Hugh, Ebo Taylor, Emil Srush, Fafi Abdel Nour, Forward Fever, Glenn Astro, Homemade, Johanz, John Konatty, Jorge Madera …
Geen dresscode

On June 22&23 dreams become reality. For a while now, we’ve been working on a festival that’s really meaningful to us. LOFT IN SPACE is the ongoing discovery and exploration of energy we’ve been working on in Vera for over 3 years now. Now it’s time to move on an take a leap into bringing those nights together in a Weekender! June 22 & 23. 

In two days & two nights we’ll transform EM2 and everything around it into a festival area with 5 stages filled with the best DJ’s, Bands and other curated entertainment we can think of to start your summer. You will be treated with the vibe you love so much about LOFT and so much more this time. The Best Food, Cloth Market, Yoga On Dub, Brains & Balls Cinema, Kids Area, Hottubs and many many more. You are not gonna want to miss this. Get your ticket and join the ride.

Line up so far:


Duke Hugh
Emil Srush
Glenn Astro
Journeymen Soundsystem
Mr. Chong
Plastik Soldiers
Radikal Rüpert
Rob Manga

Americo Brito (DJ set)
Arp Frique & Family
Black Dynamite
Ebo Taylor & The Saltpond City Band
Fafi Abdel Nour 
Jorge Madera
Journeymen Soundsystem invites: Forward Fever
LOFT Residents
Niels Broos
The Cave
The Mauskovic Dance Band
Planet Monkey
Pushin Wood 
Reazun & John Konatty
St. Bastian
Yoga On Dub


  • Bonnefooi
  • Duke Hugh
  • Emil Srush
  • Glenn Astro
  • Homemade
  • Journeymen Soundsystem
  • Jurre
  • Kypski
  • Messijas
  • Mr. Chong
  • Américo Brito
  • Arp Frique
  • Black Dynamite
  • Ebo Taylor
  • Fafi Abdel Nour
  • Forward Fever
  • Johanz
  • John Konatty
  • Jorge Madera
  • Journeymen Soundsystem

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Prijs v.a. €26
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Follow the Beat & Loft in Space

In de festival agenda van Follow the Beat vind je alle Nederlandse muziekevenementen, waaronder Loft in Space. Dat op 22 juni 2018 in EM2 te Groningen gehouden wordt. We hebben alle festival informatie, aftermovie(s), line-up, tickets en het laatste festival nieuws voor je op een rijtje gezet. Zo kies je snel en gemakkelijk jouw volgende feestje uit.

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