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17 Oct

< Innervisions x Loveland

17 oktober 2019

van 22:00 tot 08:00 Al geweest

Innervisions x Loveland
Festival (indoor)
minimale leeftijd = 18
DIxon, Marcus Worgull, Nina Kurtela, RY X, Theater Amsterdam, Trikk, Warehouse Houthavens, Âme …
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Innervisions Amsterdam x Loveland
Thursday, October 17th, 2019
Part 1: Theater Amsterdam 20:00-23:00 
Part 2: Warehouse Houthavens 23:00-06:00 
The two venues are connected to each other 


Theater Amsterdam
RY X (Live)
Nina Kurtela

Warehouse Houthavens
Marcus Worgull


Step into the Innervisions universe as the label returns to Amsterdam during ADE with two very special shows combined in one in the interconnected Theater Amsterdam and Warehouse Houthavens. 

Part 1: Theater Amsterdam 20:00 - 23:00

This exclusive audio-visual show will be merging movement, music and video projections together in an immersive live performance by RY X and a dance performance by Nina Kurtela.

Singer and songwriter RY X will bring his quietly intense, passionate music to life as he invites the audience into his soul stirring world.

After which visual artist and dance maker Nina Kurtela will perform a fragment from “365 routines”. This work was part of her collaboration with Innervisions for the label’s 2018 visual identity and will be brought to life in a new context

Part 2: Warehouse Houthavens 23:00 - 6:00

Once the Theater performance ends, venture into Warehouse Houthavens as the rest of the night unfolds with DJ performances from label co-founders Dixon and Âme, together with Marcus Worgull and Trikk as they present the very best of the signature Innervisions sound.

▪ Tickets are available for the individual shows as well as together in a discounted bundle.
▪ The Theater show features live performances and has seated tickets only.
▪ The Warehouse show features DJ performances and is a regular dance music event.

Tickets Theater: €25 - €35 (depending on tier)
Early Bird combi tickets Theater + Warehouse: €57,50 - €67,50 (ex fee, depending on tier)

Early Bird tickets Warehouse: SOLD OUT
Regular tickets Warehouse: €37,50 (ex fee)


  • DIxon
  • Marcus Worgull
  • Nina Kurtela
  • RY X
  • Theater Amsterdam
  • Trikk
  • Warehouse Houthavens
  • Âme

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