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01 Jun

< Hardshock Festival

01 juni 2019

van 13:00 tot 01:00 Al geweest

Hardshock Festival
Festival (outdoor)
6 muziek stages
Minimale leeftijd = 16
Act of Rage​, Akira, Andy The Core, Angerfist, Angernoizer, AniMe, Billx, Cryogenic, D-Fence, D-Sturb, DJ Buzz Fuzz, DJ Mad Dog, DRS, Dataklysm …
Geen dresscode

☠️ ????????? ???????? ☠️
➜ Full Line-up & Ticket Info!?
➜ 6 areas | 100+ artists ?
➜ Join us and TAG your friends!?

Brace yourselves for a HARDCORE FESTIVAL experience unlike any other! On June 1st, 2019, we're going to show you what we're made of at our unique new location; ??????????? ?????!?

We are super excited and proud to announce that Hardshock Festival will include 6 stages that span across ALL spectrum's of Hardcore. Here's the lineup for the hardest festival in the world! 

? • ?????????
Angerfist LIVE // N-Vitral vs. Deadly Guns // Dr. Peacock vs. Billx // Sefa // Guerrillas LIVE // Anime [special] // Mad Dog // Nosferatu [album showcase] // D-Fence // Never Surrender // Dither // Restrained // Host: Ruffian

? • ?????????
F. NøIzE // Akira vs. Drokz // Andy the Core // Noisekick LIVE // Sjammienators // GPF LIVE // The Destroyer LIVE// Spitnoise // Angernoizer vs. NSD // DRS vs. Estasia // Lady Dammage // Cryogenic // Repix // FrenchFaces // Host: Da Mouth of Madness

? • ?????????
The Sickest Squad // Le Bask // Billx // M4LEFiK LIVE // Maissouille // Floxytek // The Speed Freak & Mutante [gabber disco set] // Death by Design // Marcus Decks // Frantic Freak [early frenchcore set] // Hungry Beats // The Braindrillerz LIVE // Super Trash Bros LIVE // Host: No-ID

? • ???????
The DJ Producer // The Outside Agency // Negative A // Detest // Thrasher // Tripped vs. [KRTM] LIVE // Lenny Dee vs. Malke [special drum set] // The Satan LIVE // Sei2ure vs. Stolen Cult // Igneon System LIVE // Stormtrooper vs. Dataklysm // Penta // Densha Crisis

? • ?????
Neophyte LIVE // Noize Suppressor // Tha Playah // Rotterdam Terror Corps LIVE // Re-Style // Unexist // Ophidian // MD&A LIVE // Endymion LIVE // Promo [files set] // Buzz Fuzz // Painbringer // Sequence & Ominous // Host: Tha Watcher

? • ?????
Radical Redemption vs. Act of Rage // Warface vs. D-Sturb // Digital Punk // Deadly Guns // Delete // Rooler // Killshot // Sub Sonik LIVE // RVAGE // Nightbreed Crew [Endymion - Degos & Re-Done - MYST] // Ncrypta // Genox presents: Inhuman Power LIVE // Host: Axys

??????????? + ????? ?.??? ????
This year, we have a dirty little secret - a 7th stage! Only the first 1.000 people to buy tickets will have access to this wild new experience with some exclusive and special performances. Will you dare enter ‘The Shock Room’? ⚠ ➜ Tickets go on sale on Saturday the 2nd of February 2019 for €39,50 (ex. fee) at 11:00 AM (CET). 

?????? ????????
We want to party with all of our Hardcore brothers and sisters from all over the world so we've made a special travel page on our website to make getting them here a little easier! 

????? ????????
Need a place to rest your head after all of your Hardcore shenanigans? Or perhaps you need somewhere to get yourself kitted up with all your Hardshock merch before the party? We've got you covered with some special hotel deals

??????? ????
Event: Hardshock Festival
Date: Saturday June 1st 2019
Location: Hellendoorn Woods
Address: Luttenbergerweg, Haarle - NL
Time: 11:00-23:00hrs
Age: 16+ (bring your ID)
Tickets: €39,50 (ex. fee)

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Prijs v.a. €43,25
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Follow the Beat & Hardshock Festival

In de festival agenda van Follow the Beat vind je alle Nederlandse muziekevenementen, waaronder Hardshock Festival. Dat op 01 juni 2019 in Festivalterrein Hellendoorn te Hellendoorn gehouden wordt. We hebben alle festival informatie, aftermovie(s), line-up, tickets en het laatste festival nieuws voor je op een rijtje gezet. Zo kies je snel en gemakkelijk jouw volgende feestje uit.

Toch nog niet het juiste festival gevonden!? Bekijk dan onze festival kalender voor een compleet en duidelijk overzicht van alle festivals in Nederland. Of zoek specifiek op jouw meest favoriete muziekgenre, festival maand, party stad of op de meest populaire artiesten. Oh, en vergeet niet onze Facebook en Instagram pagina’s te volgen!