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09 Feb

< Grauzone

09 februari t/m 11 februari 2018

van 23:00 tot 06:00 Al geweest

Festival (indoor)
minimale leeftijd = 18
Bashan, Cabaret Voltaire Official, Cocaine Piss, Deirdre Direktor, Drab Majesty, Dune messiah, IDLES, Lydia Lunch & Weasel Walter, Michael Gira, Motorama, Sally Dige, Schwefelgelb, The Myrrors, The Soft Moon …

Grauzone festival is an independent multidisciplinary underground festival with a diverse and cutting-edge program where music, film and art complement each other. Grauzone festival features young talent as well as established names rooted in or influenced by the underground music scene of the eighties. The program consists of performances by (international) bands and DJ’s, a symposium with lectures and interviews, an exhibition and a film program.

The 5th edition of multidisciplinary festival Grauzone will take place saturday 10th of february 2018. After this year's successful edition it will again take place at the Paard Van Troje in The Hague.


  • Deirdre Direktor
  • Unhuman
  • Bashan
  • Cabaret Voltaire Official
  • Cocaine Piss
  • Drab Majesty
  • Dune messiah
  • hackedepicciotto
  • Lydia Lunch & Weasel Walter
  • Michael Gira
  • Motorama

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Prijs v.a. €35
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FTB & Grauzone

Op Follow the Beat vind je muziekevenementen zoals Grauzone. Dat op 09 februari 2018 in Paard van Troje te Den Haag gehouden wordt. Klik hier voor een compleet en duidelijk overzicht van alle muziekevenementen in Nederland. Oh, en vergeet ons niet te volgen op Facebook en Instagram!