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15 Sep

< Genesis Festival

15 september 2018

van 15:00 tot 01:00 Al geweest

Genesis Festival
Festival (indoor)
Minimale leeftijd = 18
A.S.Y.S., Adaro​, Alpha Twins, Attack Again, Balistic, Blademasterz, Brennan Heart, Bruno Power, Chain Reaction, Chris One​, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Dana, Deepack, Degos & Re-Done …
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On Saturday the 15th of September, the pointers of the clock on Klokgebouw spin backwards. We honor a genre and return to the big bang. The moment where a new sound found its origin. Energetic. Daring. Bold. Reversed basslines. A heavy kick. During this very first daytime event by b2s, we tell the phenomenal story of the birth and development of Hardstyle. This is Genesis ⏪

Start this musical trip with Chapter 1. The Beginning. It was 2001 when acts like Deepack, Dana and Pavo created a new sound after a decade of Hardcore. A surprising and fearless sound that attracted more people. You couldn’t find Hardstyle in every dictionary yet but was destined to take over the world.

Chapter 2. The Rise. Hardstyle grew and developed into something no one ever expected. The reversed bass came out of every speaker and was supported by acts like Brennan Heart, Psyko Punkz and D-Block & S-te-Fan. Noisecontrollers was there from the start as well and takes you back to those classic sounds in his special Attack Again-set. Thousands of people came together to rave. A feeling you can’t describe in words.

Then came Chapter 3. The Evolution. A time when the sounds became rougher, the kicks became darker. Raw Hardstyle was born and started to grow in popularity. Musical heroes like Adaro, Frequencerz and Crypsis brought along a sound which was harder and created a sub-genre no one can ignore today.

An indoor festival that takes place during the day and tells the extraordinary story of Hardstyle. And all of this in the distinctive and underground venue: the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. Check which protagonists will join you on this musical journey:

Chapter 1. The Beginning [Early Hardstyle: 2001-2006]
A*S*Y*S [DE]
Super Marco May [IT]

Chapter 2. The Rise [Hardstyle Classics: 2006-2012]
Attack Again
Brennan Heart
D-Block & S-te-Fan
Max Enforcer
Psyko Punkz
Scope DJ
The Nasty Boyz feat. Bruno Power & Ivan Carsten [IT]
The Pitcher & Slim Shore

Chapter 3. The Evolution [Raw Classics: 2009-2013]
Alpha Twins
Chain Reaction
Chris One [SE] & The Machine [LT]
High Voltage vs Titan
Prefix & Density
Thera vs Degos & Re-Done

So far, Hardstyle has a rich history, but this doesn’t mean it’s the end of a journey. It’s only the beginning. Be part of this daytime event and order your tickets now via http://b2s.nl/l/genesis18tickets.

Genesis takes place on Saturday the 15th of September from 13.00 till 23.00 hrs in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. Be part of this next chapter in the book of Hardstyle with Genesis!


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Prijs v.a. €39,75
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Follow the Beat & Genesis Festival

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