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17 Mar

< Faster & Louder

17 maart 2018

van 13:00 tot 02:00 Al geweest

Faster & Louder
Festival (indoor)
minimale leeftijd = 18
Cannabis Corpse, Coffin Nails, De Rooie Jager, Dikke Dennis, Easy Action, Entombed A.D., Goe Vur In Den Otto, Guitar Wolf, High On Fire, Krontjong Devils, Mad Sin, Negative Approach, Night Viper, Robert Stipje …

Saturday March 17th:
Faster & Louder! Back to basics: loud bands, cold beer, good food. Hosted by Bart & Bartman from Peter Pan Speedrock. Your annual hi-octane rock & roll fest!

High On Fire, The Exploited,  Entombed A.D., Slapshot, The Goddamn Gallows (Exclusive European Performance for 2018!), Mad Sin Official, Negative Approach, Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench, The Nomads (Official), The Monsters (official), Guitar Wolf, Coffin Nails, SPEEDOZER, Easy Action, VIOLATION OF TRUST, CannabisCorpse, Swedish Death Candy, Night Viper

De Rooie Jager XXXL FRIKANDELLEN SHOW: MAGIC DICK POWER, Dikke Dennis, Krontjong Devils, The Sensational Second Cousins, Goe Vur In Den Otto, The Bunny Bonanzas, Robert Stipje And more very special guests!

SUPERMOTOCROSS Powered by Nozem Oil

Tickets Presale: €41,82 (incl. service fee).
Tickets Door:  €45,-
Tickets are available at https://www.fasterandlouder.nl...


  • Cannabis Corpse
  • Coffin Nails
  • De Rooie Jager
  • Dikke Dennis
  • Easy Action
  • Entombed A.D.
  • Goe Vur In Den Otto
  • Guitar Wolf
  • High On Fire
  • Krontjong Devils

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Prijs v.a. €41,82
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FTB & Faster & Louder

Op Follow the Beat vind je muziekevenementen zoals Faster & Louder. Dat op 17 maart 2018 in Klokgebouw te Eindhoven gehouden wordt. Klik hier voor een compleet en duidelijk overzicht van alle muziekevenementen in Nederland. Oh, en vergeet ons niet te volgen op Facebook en Instagram!