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06 Nov

< Draaimolen - 7 Years

06 november 2020

van 21:00 tot 04:00

Draaimolen - 7 Years
Festival (indoor)
minimale leeftijd = 21
Geen dresscode

Picking up from where we left off, we are thrilled to announce a new date for our long-awaited 7 year anniversary in Eindhoven! 

After a long search for a worthy location in our hometown of Tilburg, we were unable to find a venue that’d capture our hearts. Having fallen in love with the industrial features of the former Philips factory, Plan-B, we found the perfect spot to mark the special date! Teaming up with the inclusive offline platform plasma, we have curated a killer line-up with lots of familiar faces aboard! We hope you are as thrilled as us to go all out with us when November comes!

Draaimolen 7 Years is verplaatst van maart naar 6 november 2020.


Line-up nog niet bekend...

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FTB & Draaimolen - 7 Years

Op Follow the Beat vind je muziekevenementen zoals Draaimolen - 7 Years. Dat op 06 november 2020 in Plan-B te Eindhoven gehouden wordt. Klik hier voor een compleet en duidelijk overzicht van alle muziekevenementen in Nederland. Oh, en vergeet ons niet te volgen op Facebook en Instagram!