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<  Anetha


Geen aankomende events gevonden.

Afgelopen events

ZeeZout Festival 2023

za 02/09 ZeeZout Festival

Tuinen van West, Amsterdam


Anetha, Bored Lord, D. Tiffany, DJ Voices, Danielle, DJ Fart in the Club, Naone, Dr. Rubinstein, Fafi Abdel Nour, French II,

DGTL Amsterdam 2023

07 t/m 09/04 DGTL Amsterdam

NDSM-werf, Amsterdam


Mura Masa, PASSION DEEZ, TAAHLIAH, I. JORDAN, The Blessed Madonna, Agar Agar, Anetha, Attention Deficit Disorder, Dasha Rush, Bambounou,

Into the Woods ADE Festival

18 t/m 19/10 Into the Woods ADE Festival

NDSM-werf, Amsterdam


Detroit Swindle, El Mundo, Zazou, FEATHERED SUN, Fenna Fiction, Genii, Islandman, Maya Jane Coles, Mino Abadier, Paranoid London,

Soenda Indoor

za 24/02 Soenda Indoor

DeFabrique, Utrecht

14:00 - 00:00


Anetha, Ansome, Ossian, Headstrong, Kobosil, MPIA3, Overmono, Tijana T, Anil Aras, De Sluwe Vos,